Black Friday'29 have signed with Let It Burn Records

BLACK FRIDAY '29 has signed with LET IT BURN RECORDS for the release of their upcoming landmark album "Black Friday 2009."

"Black Friday 2009" contains nine songs and is scheduled for late spring 2009. A concrete release date is to be announced soon. The band will be touring Europe from April 3 to April 12.

Here's the band's statement about the collaboration:

"We are very happy about working together with Let it Burn on our new Mini Album: Black Friday 2009. Frontman and founder Björn and long time member Pete have known Chris (Let it Burn Records) for almost 10 years now since playing together with their old bands (Homerun and I) in ca. 2000. From then on all of them always appreciated the others work in bands, labels and other efforts. So finally we found a way of cooperating with Chris and his label on our newest output. We view it as a continuation from working together with Blacktop Records, as Blacktop and Let it Burn have been working together successfully in the past years and both work in a similar manner. We're stoked!"

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