Gone But Not Forgotten

Name: Gone But Not Forgotten. My name is Paul.

Location: Seattle

Active since: january, 2009

How do you define your overall style?

What do you have recorded so far?
We have recorded a demo.

Tell the history of the band. How and when did it started?
I had the idea to do a staight ahead, zero frills hardcore band for years, but had no luck putting together a lineup. i would shoot the idea back and forth with ole for hours, til one day he suggested we get our friend jamie to sing, which seemed like a no brainer after it was suggested. after that, we got our kyle and garrett into the basement to jam songs. it's really that easy.

Were you in any other bands before Gone But Not Forgotten?
I was in sinking ships, rosary and bunch of other random bands that i either scabbed for or no one cares about. ole and kyle are in get the most together, and kyle used to play guitar in blue monday. garret plays drums in vanguard and used to play in the answer. cool.

You guys have just released a demo. What people should expect from these songs?
Hardcore music.

How did you come up with the idea of releasing this stuff on a tape? Will it be released DIY or do you plan to cooperate with any label?
Tapes were always in the cards. luckily aram at react wanted to release it was a tape and put it out through react. it's proven to be a really fun collaboration.

I wanted to ask about your name. Is it a reference to the old times of hardcore?
It wasn't exactly in reference to old time hardcore or anything. maybe the spirit or something. it was a name that i've had floating around in my head for years and years. i've always wanted to do a really basic hardcore band and call it gone but not forgotten, i just think it has a good ring to it. plus there's a bunch of songs with the line in it, so we can claim whatever for inspiration.

How do you think todays hardcore compares with the times when bands like Judge, Warzone or Brotherhood were around?
I wasn't around for those bands (well, 2nd era warzone), so i can't comment on what those eras were like. i can think of nothing lamer than dudes who sit around and jock not just old bands, but old scenes and people and whatnot. it's good to have a history and whatnot, but hardcore is a living, vital thing. and it needs people to keep it going or else it falls apart. i know that era was very, very different from today, but i don't like to let myself go "wow, i'm gonna wish i was part of something i wasn't there for." that's how i feel about hippies.

What are your favorite current hardcore bands?
Keep it clear, on, circles, cruel hand, common cause, sex/vid, outlook, right idea, mindset, GET THE MOST, trainyard, walls, ect. other bands like blacklisted and have heart i think are still great. there's a ton of great bands out there right now, and some awesome new ones coming up like alert, free spirit and face reality. there's just a ton of stuff happening, i feel hardcore is going good places.

Circle pits vs breakdown karate moshing?
Circle pits. had enough of watching one goober spin kick the crowd to last me the rest of my life.

Boston vs. New York?

Do you guys follow what's happening in European or Asian hardcore?
I keep an eye on it somewhat. i'm sure that the bands i pick up on over here are probably the biggest bands over there. i think powered records is probably the best label in hardcore right now, period. as for asia, i know the geeks are great. also, after going to japan with sinking ships, i was blown away by how many good bands there are over there. be sure to check out cleave and as we let go, both are seriously great bands.

And at the end a few words for the readers.
Thanks for checking us out. start a band. the world needs good hardcore, i need good hardcore to check out. thanks!

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