Join the fight!!!!

Dear friends, doesn't put up with the latest shocking news and neither should you!

Neonazi Timo Schubert trademarked the term "Hardcore". If he gets the ratification, it would be a disaster for the whole scene! We got to know of this just by fluke and now try to mobilize as much people as we can to prevent a legal validity. The opposition period expires end of March. First of all our Lawyer applied for cancelation of the entry. Quite possible that they dismiss our petition. If so, we will file an objection together with some Fanzines, Mailorders and Recordlabels. This would become very expensive because of the lawyer's fee.

Now here's what you can do:

1.Make it public! Inform all of your friends, bands, clubs and labels. Repost this bulletin. Link our website so that everyone keeps up to date.2. Write a nice but certain mail to the "German Patent and Trade Mark Office" ( and tell them what you are thinking about this action.

3. We are selling a "Hardcore"-Shirt in our onlineshop - now more than ever! We will pay the Lawyer’s fee with the profit of this "Hardcore-Savior-Shirt".
So get one in our

And if the Neonazi want’s to sue us for the shirt – the heck with it! They won’t get us down! Hardcore will always be against Nazis! Send your protest-mails to the "German Patent and Trade Mark Office":