This Is Hardcore Fest'08 DVD out now

THIS IS HARDCORE FEST 2008 (DVD) Out Now!! Just $10.00. Click here for more info.

Track listing:
Death Before Dishonor "Never Again"
Blacklisted "Eye For An Eye", "That Aint Real Much"
Strength For A Reason " Looking Back"
Alpha Omega "Devils Bed"
My Turn To Win "Best Goalie Ever"
Vision "The Kids", "Falling Apart"
Brain Dead "Guilt and Shame"
Poverty Bay Saints ("Six Pack")
Know the Score "Red Sox Nation My Ass", "Ex Members Of I Don't Give A Fuck", "Safety In Numbers"
The Mongoloids "Time Trials"
Ceremony " Throwing Bricks", " I Want To Put This To An End"
No Turning Back "Stay Away"
Comeback Kid "Wake The Dead"
Cold World " Cold World", "Low Places"
Fahrenheit 451 "Bring Yourself" "Shall Be Judged"
Reign Supreme "Isacariot" "Still Unbroken"
Down To Nothing "Skate or Die", "Home Sweet Home", "Smash It"
Trapped Under Ice "Reality Unfolds", "Skeleton Heads"
Killing the Dream "Thirty Four Seconds", "Still Unbroken"
Deathcycle "Suffer"
Maximum Penality "Life and Times", "Acceptance"
Violation "Stranglehold"
Convicted "Cages"
Ensign "Never Give In"
Let Down "Never Again", "Aggravation"
Paint it Black "Atticus Fink", "We Will Not"
100 Demons "Never Surrender", "Forsaken"
Wisdom In Chains "Dragging me Down", "Land of Kings"
Terror "Always the Hardway", "Keep Your Mouth Shut"

Running Time: 1 hr, 56 minutes