Violence Approved

Violence Approved hail from Germany and will appeal to those of you who like bands like Madball, Terror or Hoods. They are pretty successful with the way they mix old school sound with some metal influences.

Your band has pretty aggressive name. Could you explain the meaning behind it? Why did you call it that?
Well there is not really a big meaning behind it. It sounds good ;-)

What’s the story behind Violence Approved? What you guys have released so far?
VIOLENCE APPROVED was founded in summer 2004 by MARKUS EHRE (ex- Linger / epilogue). After recording the 5 song demo at the DEATH TONE STUDIOS we published it DIY. Almost 1000 copies have been sold across Germany and the US. You will find songs from the Demo on some samplers like "A SIGN OF FRIENDSHIP", "FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL" or "SUCK CITY 6" and on "SUCK CITY 8 vinyl". We played shows across Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. In 2005 we recorded the new record "LET THE GAMES BEGIN" at the SONIC SOUND STUDIOS. It was released March 2008 on VINYL JUNKIES REC. We will hit the studio this year again but it is not 100% sure when. We only know that it will be 2009.

Your music is hard to pin down, because it fuses many elements of both old and new school hardcore. What inspires you to write your songs?
There are tons of bands that influence us. We really love the "ny style" like Biohazard, Madball, Merauder and many more.

What was your best and the worst show so far?
We played some really good shows with terror and more. But the very best show was the support show for biohazard on their 20th anniversary tour! haha worst show? Shit that are too many ;-) but they are also fun! :-)

What inspired you to become a part of hardcore scene?
We never wanted to be a part we just do what we love to do.

What do you think hardcore is lacking? What do you think hardcore needs these days to stay as raw and powerful as it should be?
Hardcore must stay raw and powerful...but I think it could gain much more.

How do you get along with the rest of the Germany hardcore scene? What bands would you recommend for everybody to check out?
Well I would say that we get along pretty well and I can’t really tell you any bands that you should check out. I mean there are so many really good bands that even I don’t know..So just keep your eyes and ears open :-)

How do you feel about divisions in hardcore? Like SxE kids supporting only SxE bands, old school kids going to only old school shows etc. Do you think with so many subgenres of hardcore, real unity is possible?
Well around our area I would say that unity is quite impossible. There are hundreds of reasons why it can’t work, it would take way to long to explain that to you. I don’t like the divisions...everyone should support what he likes.

And this leads us to emo scene. I know you guys are not the biggest fans of this style. Why do you think it got so popular and how far do you predict this trend will go?
I don’t know why it’s so popular. We hope it never comes to an end!! We need something to laugh ;-) well you said it! It’s a trend and trends come and go. This one lasts a little longer but I guess it will be over soon. Here a lot of the emo kids are getting more and more into hardcore and other genres like electro and such’s kinda weird but very funny. We love the scenesters :-)

I know it sounds crazy but I’ve heard there are some people in Germany who think you can be a nazi and a hardcore kid at the same time. How big is this problem?
That problem is huge!!!! And you can’t be a "nazi" and call yourself hardcore. If you title yourself "hardcore" you take a stand somehow if you like it our not. All that nazi racist stuff has nothing to do with hardcore and we are trying to fight it where ever we can. But the whole pc and posi thing is also pretty absurd. In these days you can not always act pc and be positive. Its good that people try that but you can’t make it through this way

Any final words? What can we expect from you in the future?
Final words? Hmm no not really...just expect our new record this year and come to one of your shows and party hard with us!