xSolidarityx called it quits

Here's the statement from the band:

After being a band for a little over a year, we are sad to say that we are calling it quits. Our vocalist Andre is 29 years old and has priorities in his life that cannot be met if he were continue his position as the vocalist of xSOLIDARITYx. He is married and is in the process of becoming a full time pastor. We still have faith in God, we are still straight edge, and we still love hardcore. None of those things will ever change for us. We're playing one last show in Marysville on March 14th at the Holygrounds. Please make it out to this show if possible. We would love to spend our last show with all of our friends. We would also like to thank all the people, bands, and venues who have supported us along the way. You have enabled us to reach our full potential as a band, which is more than we ever imagined.

God Bless