Blackriver Boys: debut CD out soon on FWH Rec.

The BLACKRIVER BOYS are the project of the century. Comprised of ex-VIETNOM DMS members Aaron and AK-Ray, also live guitarist for SKARHEAD & DANNY DIABLO, Adam G. (Aaron and Ray's favorite strip-club D.J.), Dru the unknown soldier and a studio collaboration with Dusty, former drummer of GOOD CHARLOTTE. This is a band of brothers putting true feeling behind powerful harmonies and giving the passerby a face-full of brutal reality.

Filled With Hate Records announced the release of the long awaited debut record, "STEEPED IN TRADITION". Get your hands on a copy today via Filled With Hate (FWH)or download a digital copy from over 400 digital music distros. Keep an eye out for CD's direct from the BRB page and updated merch, it's coming. So tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell the world ...the boys are back, BLACKRIVER BOYS.