Kickback signs to GSR records, No Surrender out this June

Some bands are famous, others are infamous and Kickback from Paris, the latest signing to the GSR roster, are most definitely the latter.

With a history that is rife with controversy, violence and hatred along with a middle finger and fuck you attitude to the hardcore scene that spawned them, Kickback return with their first album in almost 10 years titled No Surrender. As one of the first bands to fuse metal and hardcore, Kickback continue where they left off and all 11 songs on No Surrender are fuelled by the hate that drives them. Stephen's vocals are as raw and pissed off as they ever were, spitting venom and rage with every twisted line of contempt. The music is a barrage of metallic riffing and thunderous drumming that lurches with groove forcing you to bang your head. With a history that spans almost 20 years and with thousands of records sold worldwide this is a much anticipated release for many people and is a continuation of the band's already powerful and destructive legacy. Kickback are very much back on the map and will be a force to be reckoned with in 2009 when thoughts and ideas have become weak and watered down and an attitude of following the leader with a sheep like mentality has become the norm, Kickback are here to tip the scales and upset the balance. No Surrender is just that and more and with a standpoint of Forever War, let the controversy continue.

No surrender will be out on June 12th 2009.