Killing Time: new album samples

Yeah, that's right mother fuckers, the NYHC legends are coming back with the new album! Click here to listen to the samples!

New Album "Three Steps Back"
Killing Time is now in the studio recording our third full-length album appropriately named "Three Steps Back." The album is scheduled to be released in early 2009. The band started work on the album in January 2008 after returning from our tour of Japan and South Korea. To write the material, we decided to bring it back to where it all started—Drago’s parents’ garage, the place where Breakdown had formed and where the classic “Brightside” record had been written and rehearsed. We see “Three Steps Back” as both a return to the band’s roots and a new vision of what a classic hardcore band can still accomplish. We think that these twelve news songs bring New York Hardcore back to its punk beginnings while still offering up that classic Killing Time crunch and power.