Straight Opposition

We want to tour everywhere and then we want to speak and sing fuckin loud with everybody we’ll meet in...'

Your last album is called "Gathered against mediocracy". What does it refer to? Just the Italian government or or has it any broader meaning?
Mediocracy is the place where critical judge become confused and much more useful day by day; You can call this place Italy, Spain or Europe, anyway, if you take a look above the massification process that we live actually, you’ll find the Mediocracy’s heart.

Who writes the lyrics and what kind of subjects do they deal with?
I write the great part of the lyrics approved by the whole band. The lyrics meaning are about and against mass society’s condition; we are afraid to live in a place full of puppets where the 85% people doesn’t care about real social conditions; sometimes it seems that this world is very happy and proud to fall in every sort of enslavement.

What was the reason to allow kids to legally download your albums?
We wish to spread as much as possible our music with the following message.

You tackle issues that nowadays many artists shy away from. How important is the message in hardcore?
We personally think that hardcore music was, after some punk bands, a kind of musical expression totally based on a political/social approach, and it should be cool for us if it something of that will keep still this spirit for the future also. But, anyway, we are not fanatics, so we think everyone has the right to keep his attitude and his own feelings to take inspiration from, to play hardcore. This is shouldn’t be a closed mind music.

Do you think that there are less hardcore bands that deal with social topics in their lyrics because since there are no big problems with i.e. racism in the hardcore scene its like preaching to the converted?
Yes I understand very well your intelligent ask. Actually every topic about racism is seemingly older than this world and a lot of people could be tired and bored to speak about that; but also I think that if we know a lot about this phenomenon, it doesn’t matter that we have to stop the struggle against it, because racism is a sort of cancer that groove day by day, too hard to stop it.

Where do you get your information and facts from, that look beneath the surface?
Everyday we learn something to refuse…this evidence is in front of us daily but, of course, it depends by ours starting feelings or ours will to change: for example we must see the events on media shows for the accurate contrary than media industry prepare for us. Sometimes it seems that what is false is what has been present to you as the only chance for your real life, as your only social structure or your only kinder society. For example in Italy, it’s urgent to keep this faculty: to doubt about everything has been showed to you.

What do you think about the book Gomorra? Do you think it reflects the state of the Italian state and life in your country?
We did finish to read Gomorra’s book two or three months ago and it has been a sort of personal confirmation for some past( and present ) thoughts about Italy. Roberto Saviano speaks about Campania region especially, but we have Mafia in Sicilia and Sacra Corona Unita in Puglia. That’s not all, because each Italian citizen has one real enemy called Silvio Berlusconi with all from his mafious, corrupted and ULTRA XENOPHOBIC bastard government.

How did Straight Opposition come to existence?
S.O. come to life by the will of Luca ( guitar ), Ivan Parbone ( drums ) and me ( Ivan, vox ) to play urban music in a fast way with a critical attitude in the lyrics. After two years passed in studio to write songs we decide to start with live activity seriously since 2006. So, since 2006 we play everywhere to spread our message and rage. About studio’s work we have recorded the following releases: promo 2004 ( self produced ); step by step ( 2006/ Indelirium Records ); finish what you started split (2008 world appreciated kitsch, Greece ); gathered against mediocracy ( 2008, Indelirium Records ). Our whole discography it should be out in the both cd, due to the bldclot Record’s will to reissue it.

What's your approach as a band, what are your goals?
We want to tour everywhere and then we want to speak and sing fuckin loud with everybody we’ll meet in.

Who do you all consider your biggest musical influence(s) and how the hell have acts like Pet Shop Boys or Inxs had any impact on your sound?
We are influenced by a lot of fuckin cool bands like slapshot, knuckledust, strife, sick of it all, strife and a lot more too many to mention it. Anyway we listen don’t listen hardcore exclusively but we like rock, electronic and classic music also. About Prince or Inxs, ahahaha! These names was wrote on space just as kidding. They never was a direct influence for the straight opposition’s sound, even it could be very very interesting play like prince or boy george! Ahahahah!

What is it about hardcore that appeals to you?
Oh yeah a lot of elements, but especially 2 above the other ones: energy and intensity;

Do you have something like an early hardcore memory? Who were the bands that impressed you back in the days?
Yes of course, first of all it is important to say that we listen a lot of new hardcore bands than a lot of oldest. Personally, for example, I kept my preferences for old school or mid 90’s school that impress my self more than new kids ( maybe luca’s too ). So I adore: slapshot, youth of today, ss decontrol, rykers, bulldoze, 108, biohazard, strife, backfire!, sick of it all, uniform choice, unity, bold, napalm death, minor threat, and a lot more.

What made the bigger impression on you then - music or lyrics?
Beside music and lyrics, I think the theatrical way also to communicate some feelings. If you look for some singers like Jello Biafra or Jack Kelly, you’ll discover something’s new and really primitive about the way to represent theirselves with the own suggestions too.

Getting back to present times, is it fair to say that you are happy with the current state of hardcore scene and music?
As I said before, now things are different, that’s obvious! About current situation we didn’t ask seriously to our self if are we happy or not; maybe it depends by the current situation that we are living for in a particular moment. Maybe some experiences are good, sometimes bad too bud it’s very difficult to express any definite thought about it. Maybe I don’t like to look at kids who’s think that bands like Heaven shall burn or All shall perish plays really and uncompromising hardcore, but, ok…shit happens! Nowadays we have to remember that there’s no just one definition about hardcore but one thousand point of view about what is or what is not this music.

How’s the hardcore scene in Pescara like?
I’m not so much interested about my city. I have nothing to say, I’m sorry.

Any last words for the readers?
Yeahhh! We have the big wish to make a tour in your country! So, please, help us to book shows and prepare yourself to sing along…and at last but not least, support OLD SCHOOL HATE and those the kids who sacrifice their own life to keep real hardcore spirit alive!!!
Ivan D.M. and Straight Opposition 2009;

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