Bite Your Tongue

Name: BYT (Bite Your Tongue)

Moorpark, Ca

Active since:
May 10th, 2008

How do you define your overall style?


What’s your goal with this band?
Deliver the most energy-filled music & shows possible

What do you have recorded so far?
A 5 song EP that we recorded 6 days after being a band, one of the songs was actually written in the studio (Piece of Mind) & we were only in the studio for 12 hours.. & it was over a year ago..

To the people who don't know you, how would you describe your style and sound?
its not pop, its not happy

So, how did you guys find each other and decide to start a band?
Corey (drums) & TJ (guitar) had talked about making a band for years, & finally decided to jam (May 10th, 2008) we only played for about 45 mins, but thats all it took to write our intro on the 2008 EP. The next day TJ was at a friends house (Brennan) & remembered that Brennan used to play guitar way back when & asked him to play bass in a hardcore band (we made it clear & obvious that we didnt want '2-steps' or 'breakdowns'). We three then invited Steven because of his startling voice when he would yell out the window at oncoming traffic or pedestrians, then we let Wes join without even trying out... just cuz we like him, turns out hes pretty damn good at guitar..

Your EP is coming out this summer. What can someone expect from it?
Faster... Better. We dont even like any of the songs we have recorded because the new shit is just that much better, we definitely grew as a band all toward the same goal without even realizing it, you'll see.. Oh, & it might actually be a full length.. it'll just take a little longer.

Who are your influences? Who do you look up to?
No Warning.

Lyrically, would you say there is a running message for the Bite Your Tongue?
Most songs are about things we hate, pet peeves, or anything else that gets us going enough to write a song about it..

What's your favorite part of being in a hardcore band, creating new music or performing? And why?
creating new music, after every song we write everyone in our band says: "dude, thats my new favorite song"

What are some other Cali bands you’re feeling right now?
The Boondocks, brand new, but rad as fuck..

Hardcore scene in Cali seems to be blooming right now. How supportive it is to a new upcoming bands like yours?
i guess its cool, gives us a couple places to play our tunes

Do you guys listen to any bands from outside the USA?
No Turning Back.

Anything you’d like to add to the kids out there?
Bite Your Tangue at Myspace