Dead Vows - Bad Blood

Dead Vows - Bad Blood
Refoundation 2008

This is my first experience with this band, and I must say that I am impressed. Dead Vows pull off truly aggressive and meaningful hardcore.

Judging by the cover, I expected some dark, apocalyptic hardcore with strong metal influences but it’s nothing like that. Instead, it strikes the perfect balance between old school sound and the modern hardcore with some rock’n’roll twist to it. That’s what I like about it - they manage to stay true to the roots of hardcore while still putting their own spin on it. Bad Blood has no shortage of great moments. The music is mainly fast but often band slow down to do awkward things. Usually, I don’t like this type of experimentation and rockish passages but this time it fits the music pretty well. At some moments it reminds me of Sick Of It All from the Scratch The Surface era, especially with the vocal department. The lyrics are well written and have a deeper meaning to them so you're actually hearing and hanging on to every word the singer is spitting. All of these aspects combine to make Bad Blood an album worth checking out by every hardcore kid who can appreciate some fresh ideas but still wants their hardcore to sound as it is supposed to.

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