Hit List

Name: Hitlist

Location: St.Louis Missouri the durrrty

How do you define your overal style?
Like a tank running outta gas.

Whats the goal of this band?
To play music about the hardships of bein poor and to paint girls with deco markers.

What do you have recorded so far?
Winter demo and street violence out on on the attack records due out soon

Brief history?
Everybody is pretty much douin there own thing.

New album dropping?

Main influncenes?
punishment, shatterd realm,wu tang, bobby digital,drama, davy jones locka, mf doom, sir c and danegerous, hatebreed,alias,sole,gza,i-20,greyskul,

Hardcore in st.louis?
The only good bands in st.louis is Drama.

Nex thing to give hardcore a bad name?
Nappy headed hoes.

Do you have any lyrics you live by?
"I wake up in the morning and i ask myself if life worth livin or should i blast myself?"

Plans for 2009?
To get the baddest bitches i can

Final comments?
Givin shot outs to my graffiti crews OFB and TKO ..big shot outs to CRISTO BOKE ED BOXX KENR WAR42 NIPTUK CRACKULA LOVE YNOT FOZL GUTS MHAP BDC and all my homeies that take me to their spots to get up when im outta town...get the fuck at me if i come through.!
big thanks to old school hate for the interviev.

Hit List @ www.myspace.com/hitliststl