Sentenced To Fight

Name: Sentenced To Fight

Location: Las Piedras and Juncos , Puerto Rico

Active since: february 2008

How do you define your overall style?
We define our style as music that comes from the streets from our hearts , filled with hate you know agressive music with themes from our everyday living ,from our problems here in Puerto Rico , basically We are all Sentenced To Fight in this life.

Whats your goal with this band?
Our goal is to deliver good music take it as far as possible for the world to see that in Puerto Rico there is a hardcore scene that still lives , we want to deliver a message a message of patriotism and loyalty , Love for your country and a message of fighting to live.

What do you have recorded so far?
We have recorded our demo that you all know is up to download for free at our space . and we al looking forward to record a video for Jauria Guerrera and a full Lenght that we are working on since January

For those who don’t know, introduce your band and let us know what you're about.
Sentenced To Fight is a Five Piece Hardcore band straight from the streets of Puerto Rico , our members josito in the drums, gernie -bass and backing vocals , melvin -guitar and backing vocals ,brian-guitar and Joey vocals we are all boricuas hasta la muerte we defend our homeland and family till death and making music is our life so sentenced to fight its all about delivering hardcore music with solid lyrics and not allowing shit from no one Because we have work hard to maintain this.

“Sentenced To Fight was born after a lot of sacrifice” – is it hard to run a band in Puerto Rico?
Yeah its hard its pretty hard because we all have to work and we do in different shifts so is very difficult to practice and keep an band together but we have survive and keep this shit together till now and we aint quitting

Could you tell us something about your demo? What has been the response so far?
Each song has a different message and we enjoy playing each and every of them live.
OUR DEmo wich is self titled has four songs Fuerza bruta , Jauria Guerrera , Nuestra Guerra and Mi Pueblo. Each song has a different message and we enjoy playing each and every of them live. Jauria Guerrea is this song about how we as a young generation are full of hate because of the system and we dont take shit from no one , we hate hipocrites , we stay and fight as soldiers united, only with real people with our homeland until the end and everybody likes this song wich was written by melvin and is dedicated to a guy that started talking shit about us and thats whats it all about the sing along " tu moriras , te lo juro ..." his just dead ...

What is Beatdown Family? What other bands are involved in it?
Beatdown Family we are just a couple of friends that we consider ourselves family and we like to do shows and stuff so basically there are no bands in it , is just a label for show booking.

Whats the hardcore scene in Puerto Rico like? How do you feel about hardcore nowadays? What’s exciting and what needs to be changed in the scene?

The Harcore Scene here is very full of energy people are very very crazy , and we love that but lately it started falling down people stopped going to shows , they are more into metalcore stuff but hardcore bands still play everywhere anytime so we still fight to maintain hardcore alive .

What other bands are you listening to right now?
Los Brothers , Everydays Fight , Rise in Sorrow , Color of Blood , quejidos del seol , with open force , obey the lie, all of them local bands ...

From the outside : Billy The Kid , Nueva Etica , Confrontacion , Versus and a lot more

So whats next for your band? What you got coming up next this year?
We want to finish our full Lenght and tour everywhere man this year we gonna still Be Playing here in Puerto Rico and working on the Full Lenght and when its ready we go out on tour !!!

Sentenced To Fight at myspace