Special Move - Curse Of The Blackwater

Special Move - Curse Of The Blackwater
Rucktion 2008

These guys have been around since 1998 and after a demo, two MCDs and one full length, this is their fifth release to date. I can’t say I’ve been following all of their work but knowing some of their past songs I knew what to expect and didn’t get disappointed a bit.

Special Move are heavy and brutal and that’s what you basically expect from bands like this one. It sits in to pretty standard heavy hardcore with a more UK aesthetic coupled with metal grooves but it delivers some solid songs. The pace of the most of the songs range from slow to mid tempo but they understand how to vary things by speeding it up from time to time. I imagine the only beef some people may have with it is the fact that it is that kind of album that never changes course. Never tries to do anything different. I got no problem with that but if you’re not into this type of hardcore you might get tired pretty soon. Lyrically, they offer a word of wisdom on such topics like blind society, mind control, revenge, shattering the temples and revenge. It is hardly a classic but there are tracks on there that you will return to and play again and again. If you like when bands keep it straight and heavy, make sure you check it out!

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