Bottom Feeder


Location: Houston, Texas

Active since: winter 07

How do you define your overall style?
Dark metallic sound with n.y. and clevo influence

What’s your goal with this band?
To get hooked up with a label and eventually have a u.s. tour.

What do you have recorded so far?
Just the demo so far. We will be in the studio again this summer hopefully layin down new stuff.

How did you guys meet together and what was the reason to start a band?
All of us have always been in and out of bands and once all of them fell through, we started to talk about starting up a dark Clevo type band. A lot of the OG hard hitters around the Houston Scene (Will To Live, Pride Kills) started to die out and we are trying to bring something new to texas.

On your demo the music bear a lot of influences from the 90’ heavy music scene with a strong dark feeling to it - is that route you are trying to go?

Things you have been through in your personal life are reflected in your lyrics and I guess that to fully understand them one has to go through a bunch of shit themselves. Is there any massage you would like to convey to the kids out there feeling down and out or it’s more like a stress release for you?
Writing the lyrics help me release my inner past, growing up in broken households you see alot of fucked up shit that you cant do anything about. the majority of us can relate to these lyric one way or another

Break down the Texas hardcore for me a little bit. In your opinion what’s interesting going on over there?
Iron Age's new record "The Sleeping Eye" just dropped and it's fucking amazing. Bitter End is holding it down, and writing a new LP.
A new band out of Houston, The Burden, just got together and are bringing a different sound (this band rules!!). Power Trip is busting out and are about to put out a new lp on double or nothing (this band also rules!)

As your main influences you name bands from the 90’ so I wonder what do you think about what’s happening in hardcore and metal scene nowadays?
A lot of older bands are starting to tour and play the bigger hardcore fests. which is very fucking awesome. All hail the Cro-Mags.

You guys shared stage with variety of bands, some of them being big names In hardcore. What was the best gig so far and what bands are the coolest to play with?
Our favorite show so far to play was a last mintue show with product of waste, power trip, and on my side. The local venue was packed with kids flying around doing flips and singing along. The best bands to play with are the Texas locals. (r.i.p. Lie and Wait & Die Young.)

What are Bottom Feeder plans for the future?
Write new crazy material that will melt minds

Anything else you would like to add?
DANCE HARD OR DIE & smoke til you choke

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