Portrayal Of Vengeance

Band’s name: Portrayal of Vengeance

Location: We're based in Melbourne, Australia. Me and our bass player are originally from another city called Adelaide, but have lived in Melbourne for a few years now.

Active since: We did the first real demo songs in December 2008, but the concept of the band was in the works for probably close to a year before that.

How do you define your overall style?
Heavy hardcore with a metallic edge.

What’s your goal with this band?
To play hardcore with a message, for kids that stand for something. It seems that in the hardcore scene today, mass-appeal or marketability has taken a backseat to really taking a stand on an issue or using hardcore as an outlet for genuine outrage and aggression that we all have inside us.
No diss at all to bands who are doing well for themselves or bands who are playing a different styles of hardcore, but it's always something that i've appreciated and have noticed fewer and fewer bands in recent years that are down with that kinda thing.

What do you have recorded so far?
Right now we've only got one legit recording. It's just two songs that I recorded before I had any sort of line-up to speak of. I played everything except drums, which were played by our friend Dan Jones (ex-Stronghold). I knocked them out after hours in a studio back in Adelaide in half a day and just kinda took it from there.
They're kinda rushed and aren't really a true representation of the band. We've got a bunch of jam room recordings of newer songs that we did with a different drummer that we've just been showing friends and people who were tentatively interested in joining the band.
Hopefully we manage to sort out our line-up soon, because it'd be sweet if those songs could see the light of day.

Your myspace profile doesn’t offer much info about the beginning of the band. Could you tell us how did you guys get together to form Portrayal Of Vengeance?
To cut a long story short... I wrote some songs and recorded them myself with the idea of putting a band together around them. Everyone that's been involved with the band at this point have been old friends that were down to help out with it.
Even though we haven't really gotten the whole thing into motion yet, it's been fun and that's what it should be about, right?

Who are the members of the band?
The line-up as it stands is... Chris Jervis (Vocals), Stu Manuel (Bass) and Bob Tate (guitar).
Right now we're still in the process of finding a permanent drummer and possibly adding a second guitar to the mix, as well. If anyone based in Melbourne is down with this sorta thing, hit us up... haha.

What are your main influences?
I guess the bands that we could be most compared to would be stuff like Another Victim, Earth Crisis, Merauder and Strife. They were all bands that I've listened to and respected for a long time and I guess you'd call them influences on me personally.

What is the band’s stance on drugs and alcohol? Is anybody in the band sXe?
I am straightedge and have been for a number of years. So is our bass player Stu and our guitar player Bob. We're still looking for a permanent drummer and possibly adding a second guitarist and we're not really actively pursuing other sXe members.
It's something that means a lot to me and obviously I have my options, but i've always considered it a personal thing. I'd rather judge a person on weather or not they're a decent and sincere person, sXe or not - it's all good, right?

If yes, what is it about straight edge that made you follow this lifestyle?
In the city I grew up in, recreational drug and alcohol use from a pretty young age was pretty much the norm. I messed around with that sorta thing when I was a lot younger, but quickly got over it and found myself feeling at peace with separating myself from that kind of destructive behavior.
At the same time I was listening to bands like Earth Crisis, Another Victim and Strife a lot and getting more and more into the hardcore scene in Adelaide, which at the time had a lot of vegan-straightedge crew. Being surrounded by like-minded people really cemented it for me.
A lot of people have come and gone since then, but I never looked back. haha.

Who was the best edge band ever, in your opinion?
Earth Crisis. They had a massive impact on my life and still stand for everything today that they always have. Much respect to them.

Are you guys vegetarians or vegans and do you support this ideas?
I am vegan and have been for many years now. The band collectively isn't though.
One of the songs on that two song demo actually does address the issue of animal liberation and general contempt for the industry that abuses animals. I didn't really have to factor in anyone else's opinions or thoughts other than my own when I wrote those lyrics.
I've always been down to do a vegan band, so I guess that was my chance... haha.

How many shows have you played so far? Give me an idea of what one would expect from your live show.
We've come close a bunch of times but have yet to actually play a show.

Last words/final thoughts/anything you would like readers to know about you?
Thanks for the interview. Shout outs to all Adelaide and Melbourne crew and vegans and vegetarians everywhere.
If anyone is interested in a hard copy demo or is interested in stepping up to play drums, get in touch... portrayalofvengence@hotmail.com.

Portrayal Of Vengeance at myspace.