Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World

Trapped Under Ice - Secrets Of The World
Demons Run Amok/Reaper 2009

If you thought hardcore was dead you'd be correct. TUI is bringing back all the things you loved about it. There's been a lot of hype about this band since their demo recordings and debut 7” Stay Cold and, with no beating around the bush, the new album proves Trapped Under Ice lives up to every bit of it. Their unique skills of writing songs with both a lot of punch and substance helped them to craft wonderful hardcore album for listeners to lose themselves in.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The Secrests Of The World carries on almost exactly from where Stay Cold left off. While they haven't made any radical changes to their music, they’re using the same winning formula that's provided them success with their previous recordings. What makes Trapped Under Ice so great is how they stay true to the basics of hardcore while playing their music with a certain freshness and vitality in the sound. They don’t limit themselves in terms of songwriting and directions they can go with their music. Some parts are fast and heavy and just as often the band slow down just to do awkward things. The songs are very diverse and organic but without losing the catchiness and accessibility. Part of the reason that this band differentiates itself from others in the game is how they are not afraid to shift their music by giving room to heavier parts as well as bits of groove and creative riffing. There aren’t many bands nowadays that are able to keep their music so balanced and mature keeping in mind it’s their just first full length album. What I like is the fact that each one of the songs has its own style and signature sound. They manage to shell out some catchy and memorable tunes by way of Believe (nice beatdown part in the end), The Vortex, From Birth or Against The Wall (my favorite one on the album!), but to be honest, it’s really hard to pick the best one.
From start to finish the drums and punishing, and the guitars are full of life and vitality. The fluid and tight delivery walks hand in hand with the powerful vocal work and Justice definitely sounds like a man on a mission. His voice fits the music flawlessly and makes it appear even more powerful. The lyrics are really personal and deep. Somehow they set really bitter and dark tone and are important part of an overall feeling of the album. Lyrics like See God, From Birth or Against The Wall will send shivers down your spine no matter how many times you’ve heard ‘em. The production is superb, with a fat and forceful sound and a bit more punch then on a previous material.

To put it simply, it’s gotta be one of the best albums of the year and there are small chances anything will top it. TUI doesn’t fake the funk at all and if you’re in the mood for some rugged and no bullshit hardcore, they will get your blood rushing.

Author: Dloogi

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