All For Nothing - Solitary

This MCD contains some seriously energized tunes packed with charisma, vitality, and more hits than miss. It’s only 5 songs clocking in 10 minutes, but it’s enough to let you know this band is for real.

The band is a perfect blend of traditional NYHC hardcore with some modern influences, in a way that they keep their music aggressive and focused, but with nice twists and hooks so it doesn’t get boring easily. Their music is mainly fast with nice melodies and a lot of pit-friendly parts. I hate to evaluate an album by focusing on the fact that they’re female fronted, but Cindy is doing incredible work on vocals and it’s one of the times when you think it’s a real pity that there are so few girls involved in hardcore bands. She's a volcano of energy during their live shows. I remember them playing with Slapshot in front of like 20 kids who came to that show and everyone agreed that despite you could sense not many people in the crowd recognized them, their performance was tight.
The MCD comes in a digipack with a nice artwork on top of it – it’s is simple but very neat and gives the box a feeling of quality. Regardless what is your favorite style of hardcore, it’s the energy in the songs that’s really going to get your blood rushing and All For Nothing got it all. It’s a short CD but the quality of the songs make up for it. It’s honest and powerful and for those reasons alone is worth a listen.

Author: Dloogi

WTF Records 2008

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