Human Demise/Worth The Pain - Split 7"

Human Demise/Worth The Pain - Split 7"
WTF 2009

Here’s the split 7 inch of two very promising European bands. Human Demise is a classy blend of fast and upbeat hardcore metal crossover with powerful riffing and gruff vocals. Along the way the Clevo influences are quite present in these songs s and since nowadays it seems like there are millions bands playing this evil style of hardcore, Human Demise is doing it the right way and is a good listen for those who can’t get enough of this kind of stuff.

The beats are aggressive and grimy, the vocals are on point and the lyrics are more than adequate. Worth The Pain, hailing from Finland is next with two tracks. The band hasn’t disappointed with their take on metallic hardcore. They manage to combine the heavy side of hardcore with the old school vitality into a total package. The music is metallic, groove oriented with tough, gruff vocals. Both the music and lyrics are incredibly well-written and I can't even find anything that bugged me. The production is raw but clear, making it easy to hear what's going on, and this goes to Human Demise side of the record also. All in all this is a split record with some good things happening. As far as I know both bands are planning to release more music in the near time so I suggest you keep your eye on them.

Author: Dloogi

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