Plead The Fifth

"Hardcore to me is all about being yourself, expressing yourself, and standing up for yourself. not giving a fuck what people think about you. Those three things are the best part about it to me, just not giving a fuck what people think, and being surrounded by countless others who feel the same way.!"

Starting with the basics, could you give an introduction of the band for all who don’t know you?
Plead the Fifth is a hardcore band from sacramento, ca. we have been around for a few years playing up and down the west coast. Im Gutto and I do vocals, the rest of the band consists of:
Shane Edge- Guitar
Robbie- Bass
Colton- Guitar
Shane Red- Drums
If you were writing a review of your own music, what would you put?
I'm not sure haha. Old school hardcore with a modern touch, I think that sums us up pretty well.

You guys are bringing back the old school feel with your music and I gotta say I’m definitely feeling it. What are some of your main influences when writing?
Thanks man, I'm glad you like it. We have all sorts of different influences since we listen to all kinds of different hardcore and punk. I'd say for the most part though, later 80's NYHC and early 80's DC stuff is probably our biggest influence music-wise

What are some of the topics you touch in your music and how important is message in hardcore for you?
We mostly touch on just personal things. I write about things that piss me off or about things that I see people do that I am just not cool with, day to day shit you know? We dont ever get really into politics or the scene too much, not like I have anything against bands that do sing about politics, its just not something I know enough about to write about. I think a message is really important in hardcore, I think a lot of kids are just kinda into hardcore because it hip or whatever but lack any real values or substance that I feel comes along with hardcore, so then their bands have songs that lack value and substance and its just filler.

Is Plead The Fifth full time? If not what do you guys work at, what’s it like running a band , playing the shows and at the same time living a normal life?
Plead the Fifth is not full time although we try to get out as much as we can. It was hard before with the line up we had because of people's work schedules, but our current line up is able to play alot more and we will definitely be on the road more over the next few months.
As far as work goes, I work at a print shop, Shane Red and Colton are in retail, Shane Edge is a machinist, and Robbie works in a warehouse. Being in a band and living a "normal" life isnt that hard to do. we just kinda fit it to our schedules, plus all of our bosses are fairly cool about time off and what not so its not really to hard to handle. we will see though, since like I said we will be playing alot more over the next few months.

What are some of the most important ethics and ideals in your opinion that hardcore has to offer to the kids?
I think number one, is being yourself, and standing up for yourself. Not taking shit from people and doing things how I see fit are two of the best lessons I have learned from hardcore.

How is the hardcore scene in California nowadays? How do you feel about it in the term of music coming from your area right now and kids you see at shows? What do you think about scene divisions? Is it happening in Cali?
The hardcore scene in California right now, I feel is pretty strong. Both northern and southern california have a lot of good bands going right now. The scene in Sacramento in particular though, as far as hardcore bands go, aren't too great. There are a few, but not too many. The Sacramento punk/oi bands though, thats where its at. Pressure Point, Whiskey Rebels, Madhouse Disciples, all awesome fucking punk bands.

As far as kids at shows and scene division, it really varies. I think scene division is stupid. In sacramento there are alot of mixed bill shows wiith hardcore and punk bands, which to me, are basically the same thing/ At alot of those shows, you will see hardcore kids, punks, and skinheads all there, and all going crazy and having a good time. Whats lame though is that if a bill of just straight up local hardcore bands play, hardly anyone is there, but when a big touring band rolls through, TONS of kids roll, and you have never seen them before, ever.. Its really weird and pretty annoying to be quite honest.

Except for hanging out with strange looking people and listening to noisy music, what does hardcore mean to you? What’s the best thing in being part of hardcore scene?
Hardcore to me is all about being yourself, expressing yourself, and standing up for yourself. not giving a fuck what people think about you. Those three things are the best part about it to me, just not giving a fuck what people think, and being surrounded by countless others who feel the same way.

How do you feel about metallization of hardcore? Is it destroying hardcore or rather a fresh air in the genre?
I honestly think it's kinda lame. There are a few metallic hardcore bands that I'm all about, dont get me wrong, but the thing that bugs me is when a band is straight up metal, not even a bit of hardcore feel or anything, and they describe themselves as "metalcore." Tagging the "core" at the end doesnt make you legit, it just makes you look lame.

Big business and hardcore? As a band that sticks with the underground, do you feel hardcore scene can benefit from big labels and media hype?
I think there are certain benefits sure, like giving exposure to the scene in general and what not, maybe opening up kids to hardcore who might not have known about it otherwise. Other than that though, I dont really see any benefits. To me it just seems like a bunch of suits trying to make money off of all this.

Is there anything in hardcore scene that pisses you off?
Yeah quite a few actually. The main thing is, like I mentioned before, is kids not supporting local bands. There are so many good bands around here (northern california) and sometimes it just seems like no one cares. That is one thing that has bothered me for awhile. Another thing is kids who are into hardcore because it cool or their girlfriend likes it or something. They dont know anything about where is came from or they dont have any real values, just normal types who "look" hardcore and listen to hardcore, but aren't really hardcore. Does that make any sense? haha

What's one of your most memorable shows you've played?
I think the most memorable one was last summer. It was the last show at the VFW hall we had been putting on shows at for a couple years. We got to play with all of our friends from here and tons of people came out, it was a really awesome way for the place to come to an end.

What kind of stuff are you guys listening to now?
I dont know about everyone else, but right now I have been jamming a lot of Trapped Under Ice, band is so good. Also Crucified, bay area band, is really fucking good. Rotting Out and Creatures also on heavy rotation. Thats it really for newer stuff, I have been jamming alot of Leeway though, born to expire, epic. Cro-Mags, Pressure Point, Warzone, the list can go forever haha.

Do you guys listen to any European bands? Is hardcore from over here popular in states?
I listen to a few, not sure how popular it is though. I like rise and fall a lot, they seem to be pretty popular over here, as does no turning back. as far as other bands though, I dont know, it just seems like a lot of kids dont go seek it out you know? eurpope does have some good bands though.

What are the future plans for the band? Is there any more music in the works?
Right now we got four new jams we are gonna record, those are gonna be on a 7 inch we are putting out ourselves. That should be out late fall/early winter, if everything goes right. we also have a bunch of shows in the works. Southern cali, northwest, and a 3 week western US tour. All that keeps us busy from pretty much now until december.

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