Still Screaming - Reality Ain't The Truth

Still Screaming - Reality Ain't The Truth
WTF 2009

Still Screaming deliver heavy handed hardcore with four songs of their own and a Warzone cover (which I think I remember from the tribute album). ‘Reality Ain’t The Truth’ lies heavily on classic old school sound with fast tempos, catchy but aggressive guitars and pissed off dual vocal attack spitting out honest and real life lyrics.

The beat is a most of the time straight-forward, old-school arrangement but they do spice it up with some metal vibe or kinda rap styled vocals now and there. This music is definitely dated, but with a strong foothold in the roots of the genre and that’s the main reason I like it so much. The lyrics are very honest and packed with the stuff like believing in yourself, hardcore pride and real life situations. The package of the record is awesome, with a hard cover and an artwork drawn by Spiller with a strong hardcore feeling to it. This type of stuff really adds a value to the overall offering. This is a 7” that deserves a shot from anyone who likes the old school sound. ‘Reality Ain’t The Truth’is an aggressive, attention-grabbing piece of hardcore.

Author: Dloogi

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