CDC - Burn

This time PA’s pride CDC teamed with FWH records to deliver another blast of hardcore brutality. If you’re a fan of metallic hardcore, I’m sure you’ve heard about ‘em so let’s keep the introduction to the minimum and get down the business.

I’m just gonna come right out and say it: Burn is one of the best albums of the year. Vocals drive the album. Brooke occasionally changes his style, he likes to throw in some typical hardcore shouting as well as some rap influenced patterns. Concept wise and lyrically Burn is quite dark, with songs like Ten Amerikan Days or Let It Burn dealing with the socio-political topics, but there are also tracks like Ghost Writer which leave some room for interpretation. The rest of the band pick up the slack and each song is delivered with the sort of maniac aggression, yet there still is a good amount of variety. Burn is complex and destructive and the band throws in a lot of breakdowns as well as moments of melody and fast parts to get the pit moving. They keep it even brutal and aggressive all the way but also vary styles and tempos which make this CD very enjoyable from start to finish. The instruments sound clear and punchy and the guitar riffs are aggressive, yet very catchy. My only problem with this CD is that it’s so damn short and. Sure, it offers a lot of bang for your buck, but still they could have come up with few more songs.

I love every song on this short album, and I have a different favorite daily. It’s engaging and pure nonstop awesomeness. If you look at it as a beatdown album, it could be the genre’s strongest statement of the year. But labels are just labels cause the band has succeeded to create its own identity. Anyway, no matter what you call it, it’s still one of the dopest moments in hardcore this year.

Author: Dloogi

Label: FWH Recs.
Year: 2009

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