Four hardcore tracks you need to listen

There's so much going on it the world of hardcore nowadays that sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the good music coming out. That's why I've chosen few new tracks from the bands that still don't get as much recognition as they should. I will be trying to post stuff like that from time to time so if you're in a band and are interested in getting some more plays, get in touch. For those that like their hardcore served raw.

Out Of Breath - Has It Come To This

Hailing from the city of Lahti in Finland, Out Of Breath has been making its name recognizable for the fans of heavy hardcore since 2003. As they said it: "The idea of the band was just to play heavy hardcore and have fun, but at the same time to bring something new and fresh to this scene." It's hard to pin down their sound. It's definitely metallic and heavy, but at the same time some faster parts show that they know how do get the pit running in circles. Here's the new, yet unreleased track called Has It Come To This:

Kill For Peace - Eat Some Kilometers

Kill For Peace (France) has been putting feat in emo kids hearts since 2005 with their slick combination of NYHC and heavy breakdowns. The band is going to hit the road September 2010 playing in various places in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain among others. Here's the news track called Eat Some Kilometers:

For My Enemy - My Music, My Weapon

Based in Germanyy, For My Enemy reps DSA crew with their brutal assault of neck slappin beatdown hardcore. Here's one track of their debut album, Welcome To The Dirt. Fasten your seat belt, here comes My Music, My Weapon:

Witchunt - Hominid

Witchunt seems to be highly influenced by Holy Terror bands but they say bands like Black Sabbath or His Hero Is Gone also had an impact on their songwriting. Here's the track called Hominid and it sounds pretty dope if you ask me: