In Blood We Trust - On Thin Ice

In Blood We Trust - On Thin Ice
FWH 2009

This album can come as a surprise for everybody familiar with band’s previous work. They definitely picked up a pace this time and the music overall got more of this classic hardcore feeling. This new formula is obviously working for them giving the songs a certain freshness and vitality. You can hear some good hooks and groove parts coupled with harsh and cocky vocals and a lot of gang action.

On Thin Ice uses a lot of different kind of structures, from fast parts to beatdown breaks, and somehow it all flows naturally. The foundation of their music is still based on chugging riffs, massive bass and breakbeat style drum breaks and even if there are many ‘I’ve heard it before’ moments here, as long as they keep it fresh it’s fine with me. What I also like is the fact that In Blood We Trust are obviously having more fun this time. The feeling of the album is still of posing tough but they coupled it with more of a laid back approach and that’s what scores the points here cause if you gotta punch somebody in the face at least have fun doing it. It’s something making the whole delivery much more entertaining for sure, even though the lyrics hit all the standard clichés like revenge, backstabbers or staying true to your crew. The production is flat and too raw for this type of music which perhaps is the biggest minus. A lot of things they do over here seem to lose all of the impact it would have with a more fat and balanced sound. It has its ups and downs, but the more I think about it, the less there is to criticize about this record. They are definitely going in the right direction.

Author: Dloogi

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