Wolf City

Name: Wolf City! (Bryant)

Location: Teno, NV

Active since: January, 2009

How do you define your overall style?
Straight up, fast paced, in your face hardcore.

Whats your goal with this band?
To take it as far as it can. If the kids are into it and the name gets bigger then I will take this band as far as possible.

What do you have recorded so far?
We have a 5 song demo right now (on our page) but were making plans to record a new ep.

“Hardcore is a brotherhood. Straightedge is a brotherhood” - what exactly that means to you and how kids reading this interview can perhaps apply it to themselves?
There's too much drama in the scenes around the country. When I got into hardcore it wasn't the cool place to go but it WAS a place to get away from all of the middle school, high school bullshit. No judgement, who cares what your wearing, where you grew up. It didn't matter. Straightedge is a worldwide movement and its up to the kids involved to keep it going and not destroy it. Its not about going to a show and fighting other straightedge kids. Its about straightedge kids being there for each other.

"10,000 kids, one heart, same blood" -unconquered

So how did the band came about?
Everyone was just kind of fed up with afb and its stress. Not anything else to say really.

Since most of you were also involved in xAFBx, when writing tracks for Wolf City do you feel any pressure to satisfy the xAFBx fans or you see it as a new start and just go on doing your thing?
No pressure at all. To me wolf city is a brand new band. We wanted almost no ties to afb what so ever.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding straight edge nowadays, especially with the bands promoting it in the so called ‘militant’ way. What do people get most commonly miss-construed about it?
Like every movement there are different lifestyles and beliefs. People get straightedge kids so misconstrued, when in reality 95% of these people are just like everyone else minus being sober. You got the violent, the anti violent and many more different lifestyles inside the straightedge movement. But were all brought together through a common belief.

There’s a lot of home pride in your band. How much of an influence was the city you live in, on your music?
Our name is based off of this town. Our local college football team is the nevada wolf pack. So we figure why not have a band with as much city pride as possible. Its all about having pride in your city. Wherever it is.

What is it about Reno in your opinion that it’s a home to such a strong SxE scene?
The kids here are awesome. As of lately we've been trying to build up the scene so every single kid can come to a show and release some aggression and have some fun. Its not about how hard you are, or how many tattoos you have. And once every kid in this town knows that they are welcome, then we will have an unbeatable scene.

Who are some of the band from Reno people should give a listen?
I don't know links that well but here's some local bands that everyone shouls check out.
Out of reach
The farley overdose
Beyond the pit
The airplane game (not hardcore but good stuff)

What are the future plans for the band?
To take it as far as we can. If the kids are into it then we will do whatever is possible with the band.

Anything else you would like to add?
Not really. To anyone reading, thanks for the support and keep the movement alive.

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