By Way Of Blood

"The reaction that the crowd shows a hardcore band compared to almost every other genre. The more they get into what were doing makes me that much more into it. "

Name: By Way Of Blood

Location: (jake)manchester,nh/(mark)not northern ma(a dig to those bands who lie)

Active since: Oct.07

How do you define your overall style?
Aggressive hardcore late 90's HARD hardcore(jake)

What’s your goal with this band?
Tour europe and make kids hurt each other. bring back that feeling from the late 90's scene.

What do you have recorded so far?
A couple demo tracks and an unreleased 5 song e.p.

Would you like to introduce yourselves to the readers who may not have heard of you, as well as a brief history?
Mark -drums Jake-guitar Mark l.-guitar Alex-vocals bass-????? (just Jake and Mark here now. drummer. no drummer. drummer no drummer. drummer no singer. band label no bassist. me and jake have been busting our asses for 2 years just to keep the band alive. i was the vocalist for the first year and a half and made the move to drums after having 3 disappointments with the ones we had. we are moving onto our 6th bassist. (i promise its not our fault) we found alex through a few friends who had a band with him that was on its way out. so we swooped in and grabbed him up. and couldn't be happier.

Congratulations on getting a label. How did the Demon-seed deal came about and does it mean that the debut album is coming soon?
We got offered to do a tour this december with blood-war, through our manager ED from graveyard booking and they checked us out and passed us on to the label and with the powers that be being kids from the mid to late 90's they jumped on us. Ed has been a HUGE part of the life of this band in the short time we have know him. Meshia and kyle always throwing down on the floor for us helps alot too!!!

Many kids tend to turn to hardcore as an outlet from something that they’re dealing with in their regular lives. What is it with you, why did you lean towards this type of music?
Jake-fat scene chicks!! haha umm.. the reaction that the crowd shows a hardcore band compared to almost every other genre. the more they get into what were doing makes me that much more into it.
mark-same old story felt out casted to my "peers" haha im gonna cry. no i was into like "heavy" radio shit and then i went to my first show (xproclamationx, big jon stud, ever-down, and strike 3) and i was instantly consumed by the whole feeling of what the scene was then.(1996)

I’m really feeling the All Family Here track, both musically and lyrically. Tell us how that song came about…
Well we have a song called kinsman that was more of a direct anthem to our close friends and family and we noticed that we were starting to make new good friends and fans and wanted to address them, and we thought what better way than a "kinsman part 2".

What bands do you think had the biggest influence on your sound?
Terror (old), no warning, to kill, buried alive, shai hulud, madball, death before dishonor, hoods, agnostic front, indecision, one king down, snapcase, gwar, gorilla biscuits, suffocate faster,earth crisis, helmet, the miles between, reign supreme,down to nothing, think i care, integrity, and ringworm. i guess haha

One of the purpose of the band is to resurrect the New Hampshire hardcore scene. So do you think it’s moving in the right direction right now?
Not really. the kids who care right now only care to be seen and the ones we want are so fed up with the way the scene is they don't bother but its moving forward. it will take time to make people remember why they need to give a shit.

How would you describe the climate of the scene over there? Are the kids working together to make it work or they rather sit and do nothing but talking shit? 
Cold and doing nothing. but there are a SMALL handful of kids and people doing their part!!

So what are some classic acts from NH and what are some of the newer bands everybody should pay attention to?
Ever-down, strike 3, distrust(the hardcore one),enough said, word for word, trials, relentless we stand, yellow stitches.

What are the future plans for the band?
Not be to drunk to play. haha. tour europe. just have fun and play. thats what its always been about.

Thanks for taking your time to do this? Anything you would like to add?
Check out demon-seed records! blood war!! graveyard booking(ed we owe you so much!!!) trials!! enough said!! and relentless we stand!! full length record coming out spring/summer 2010

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