Cold Hard Truth - Reflect The Conflict

In a time where "beatdown" style bands are a dime a dozen and attention spans are that of birds, it's the right mix of attitude, aggression, and (sometimes) relatability that makes a band truly stand out. Cold Hard Truth have that concept nailed to the wall with a sharpened leg bone and let me tell you, sleeping on these guys would be like resting your head on railroad tracks.
Expect a new cd in the coming months loaded with more stake-driving, stomping brutality. For now, "Reflect The Conflict" remains a staple in my cd-players diet and stands above and beyond most of the current crop. Their uncompromising style immediately evokes the essence of such old-time heavyweights as Clubber Lang, Next Step Up, Bulldoze, and Fury of Five. So if you like your hardcore to the point, mean, and dirty, then this needs to find it's way into your collection fast!

Lyrically, expect straight up tales of vengeance and contempt-for-stupidity which we all encounter at some point or another. They don't go too deep so the relatability factor is on point.

Author: Jay Vindictive
Year: 2008