Mosh It Up Clothing update

Mosh It Up Clothing is a brand for every boy and girl who admire a good mosh part but like to look good and stylish when doing those crazy moves in the pit. They've just released two new horror oriented tees and since there's nothing better in life than hardcore and some b-rated horror flick, I advice to check it out.

About the brand:

"Mosh It Up Clothing is for anyone who appreciates originality and consistent greatness in “mosh” music! It’s for all the people still out there representing their favorite hardcore bands by jumping around, singing along, headbanging, or being more active and rowdy like stage diving, circle pitting, or “Moshing It Up”. Bands love to see new as well as consistent fans dancing their hearts out as well as just having good old fashion fun. All types of “mosh” music have an intense, get rowdy presence with some more intensifying than others, but all mosh pits are for fans to have a good time. People who MOSH IT UP know there isn’t a comparable feeling then the adrenaline you feel in a mosh pit while watching one of your favorite bands. So if you love to MOSH... MOSH IT UP"