Metal pick of the week: Musica Diablo

Musica Diablo is Sao Paolo based thrash project having Derrick Green of later day Sepultura fame on vocals. I haven't been following Sepultura for the last couple of albums so the fact that is doing all the shouting here wasn't really of a big importance. What matters is that this stuff is really good. With powerful chugging riffs, brutal vocals and a tight rhythm section they immediately managed to grab my attention. The band throws down some grimy but aggressive vibes. It's raw and energetic with a lot of good things going on. The song writing is great as the transitions from straight up fast and some more experimental parts goes naturally and the whole deal is very organic and flowing. Musica Diablo is working on the new album which is about to be released in early 2010 so let's hope it's gonna be as good as the songs on their myspace profile