Unstable Foundation

"There are a lot less places to play too. Some of the show goers need to understand that fighting at shows has to stop. When we were younger and there was a fight, the older kids kicked our asses. Why? Because places get shutdown due to fights and no one gets it through their head. When there is no place to play then people will learn. "

Name: Unstable Foundation
Location: Bronx, NY
Active since: March 2009

How do you define your overall style? 

What’s your goal with this band? 
To take over the world enslaving the masses to do our evil bidding. (Just kidding) To make good music, have fun and just enjoy everything. 

What do you have recorded so far?
A 2 song demo in May 2009. We are currently in the studio recording our first release “Strength Through Determination”. It should be out late November, early December. 

So, Unstable Foundation is a band formerly known as a 4 In The Chamber. What was the reason for this change? Did you guys wanted to start things from the scratch or is it basically the same band but just with a different name? 
We’ve had so many lineup changes and musical direction changes in the past. So, it seemed like the right thing to do. Revolving members that had other goals in mind or people that were unprofessional. We did start from scratch though; Unstable Foundation has all brand new songs. This is a brand new band featuring members of 4ITC.

What is in your opinion the biggest difference between 4ITC and Unstable Foundation? What do you think the kids who were down for 4ITC would like about the new music and what could surprise them? 
The music is different because we try things in Unstable Foundation that we didn’t try in 4ITC, but we still stay true to speed songs, breakdowns and sing along lyrics. The music is a little more complicated, but then it’s also more stripped down. We think if you like 4ITC you will love Unstable Foundation. We have been told by friends that loved 4ITC that they like U.F. better, so we are going to roll with that one. 

Do you guys still play older 4ITC songs at the shows? We did in the beginning, but now we don’t. We decided to let 4ITC be 4ITC and even though the bands are linked by members and the name “Unstable Foundation” being the title of 4ITC’s first release, those are the only thing that the bands share.

How come 4ITC’s line up have changed so often with only Frankie being around from the start? Well Frankie and Dave are original members of 4ITC. Frankie left in 2001 and started a new project with Frank our drummer. He returned in 2004 and shortly after Frank came on board to play drums. There have been many members because of unprofessional people. Some members did it for certain tours, like Europe and Puerto Rico and others wound flake out after a while. We never stood for anyone’s crap. So, when someone flaked, they were out. We won’t say Frankie is not a pain in the ass, but we accept him for what he is.

Being an underground band can be a grind cause you got to take care of business and promotion all by yourself. Is it hard getting it done with no big label behind you and what advice would you give for all the new bands around? 
It has its limits. lol Thanks to sites like East Coast Hardcore, Myspace, and people like you guys. It makes life a little easier. As far as advice, we would just say, play your heart out, don’t try to do too much, if someone can’t pull their weight in the band, kick them out and find a good fit, take your time with your music writing, your recordings and just be yourself. Going to shows and supporting other bands is a good way to get people to see you, but some bands like when people come to see them and don’t go to see others. In other words, “no one is a rockstar in the hardcore scene” if you think you are, dress trendy and play nu-metal.

You did 2 pretty nice videos with the 4ITC. Is it hard to get the airplay with this kind of music in the States?
Well airplay is really not an existent thing in NYC or actually in the U.S.. Stations like MTV and Fuse won’t play our videos. We made them more for the Myspace and Youtube crowd. We got a ton of hits on them. It’s a good way for people not from our area to see what the band looks like live and stuff.
Almost 15 years in the game, how has the hardcore scene changed in your eyes? Do you think it’s in a good place today?
The scene is nothing like it was 15 years ago. A lot less people go to shows (Especially in NYC). There are a lot less places to play too. Some of the show goers need to understand that fighting at shows has to stop. When we were younger and there was a fight, the older kids kicked our asses. Why? Because places get shutdown due to fights and no one gets it through their head. When there is no place to play then people will learn. I think the scene also differs in the bands sounds. A lot of bands just incoherently scream, not on time, not with the music and sounds like noise. Just because you have a strong voice it doesn’t make you a singer. If that was the case, Frankie’s mother would have been singing hardcore years ago, She yelled all the time when we were kids. Honestly though, the scene goes in cycles, we have good years and bad years, just like marriages. We are on a low the last few years, so any year it’s coming back.

And how do you feel about what’s going on in Bronx nowadays? Few years back bands like Irate or District 9 were holding it down for the Bronx. What are some of the younger bands from your area everybody should give a try
Well Billy Club Sandwich and Unstable Foundation are probably the only bands that are still doing a hard core style. Most bands from the Bronx are either emo or straight out metal. If you want to check out some Bronx bands, check out the Bronx Undergound. (myspace.com/bronxunderground). District 9 til this day is missed. We still see some of the guys here and there, but the Bronx isn’t like it was 15 years ago. Hopefully, we can keep it alive.
Bands to check out though: Billy Club Sandwich, Everything’s Ruined, The Judas Syndrome (ex Irate), Diary of Demise, Waist Deep In Flesh, Demized, Hope It Dies, Catalyst of Thought, Severed, Old Yorke, Empires Erased.

So, when can we expect the debut full length from Unstable Foundation and what are band’s other plans for the future?
Strength Through Determination - Late November. Early December 2009. We are recording with engineer Max Velez at Hollow Studios in Pomona, NY. Max and Frankie are producing it. So far it’s coming out fantastic. Production wise it will sound better then anything 4ITC ever released. When it’s done we are going to hit up some labels we know and see if anyone is interested in releasing it and hopefully a Europe tour next summer.

Thank you for the interview. Anything you would like to add? 
Thanks for this chance to interview with you guys. We have lost touch with the promoters that we knew back in the day over in Europe and would like to come over and play next summer. So if anyone books bands, we would love to get in touch with them and make it happen. Check us out at myspace.com/unstablefoundation or email unstablefoundation@myspace.com  We have songs, merch, news, shows and just friend up with us and give us love!!