Only Attitude Counts - Triumph Of The Underdogs

With this album, kings of Vienna hardcore remain true to the basics of the style they’ve been perfecting for years but play their music with a certain vitality and freshness that isn't often heard from such long going bands like them..
What struck me when I was listening to this shit for the first time Is that it seems the band wanted to go heavier with their music. Not metal, but the overall feeling I get with this album, they seem to be more focused on displaying their musical skills and showing that they can write much more detailed songs then they did before. There is some thrashy feel to some of the songs and it really works for them. They can go fast and aggressive or slow and menacing but the execution is always flawless. Usually, when hardcore bands do that we get a shitty album that tries to mimic metal, but that’s fortunately not the deal here. Take a song like Make Amends for example, with its catchy chorus backed up by typical punk rock gang vocals and a hint of melody in the riffing which is broken up by a slick breakdown with pounding drums, double bass and some heavier guitar work. It’s a short part, but effective.

Although they added a little more variation, the songs on this album are straight forward as always and mostly up-tempo. The riff work is above the average, ranging from some punk rock infused tunes to straight up metal and the rhythm section is pounding.

With this release Only Attitude Counts has taken their old school experience along with new ideas and passion to make an album that's both aggressive and modern. Even after listening to it countless times, it remains effective and catchy. It’s more musically detailed without ruining the raw sound the band is known for. I like the consistency of the album. The keep it tight right from the start and it gets more intense as the album plays out.

Author: Dloogi
Year: 2009