"(Sounds like) left for dead getting gang raped by Slapshot and Sheer Terror."

"(Sounds like) left for dead getting gang raped by Slapshot and Sheer Terror."
"When did the band get together and how?
Winter 08. me, faz and paul wanted to play some aggro hardcore punk. then sometime in January the next year will came along and screamed his fuckin balls off over the shitty songs we'd written.

Who are your influences?
mainly old hc, Slapshot, Sheer Terror, F.U.'S, Left For Dead

How do you think the scene is doing in England and worldwide?
we don't really give a shit, we do our own thing and play when and where we can. the "scene" pretty much sucks cock.

Have you any shows planned in Middle/Eastern Europe?
not at the moment, but if someone wants to hook that up for us, fuckin awesome!

Where do you most like to play live?
anywhere we can, we'll play any shit waste of time gig we're offered

Who would be your favourite band to share a stage with?

What are you working on in the studio at the moment?
nothing at the moment, we've been playing gigs but haven't rehearsed for months. although we have an ep coming out on worthless nights records from Essex called FUCK THIS LIFE.

What are your main lyrical influences when you are writing songs/records?
i dont write the lyrics, but im sure will would say miserable fuckin depressing every day life and worthless cunt hc posers.

Do you have any specific rituals for the studio, or just go in and play?
my ritual is drinking beer and smoking weed. will drinks this disgusting energy drink stuff all the time.

What do you feel has been the high point so far as a band?
probably when we played at the rampart squat in london, just because it was a fuckload of fun.

This interview conducted by Chlebik Oi!