War Hound

"What we love most about the EP is the amount of energy it portrays. We also wanted to put something out that kids could relate to. We wrote songs that are easy to move to and get involved with."

Band’s name: War Hound

Location: NW Chicago and suburbs

Active since: 2009

How do you define your overall style? 
Fun, aggressive, hardcore with powerful lyrics

What’s your goal with this band? 
To have fun and to take it as far as we can while doing what we love

What do you have recorded so far? 
So far we have recorded a 7 song EP titled "Enemy" as well as a 3 song demo under the name "Gut Rot"

Could you please introduce your band and tell us how did it all start? 
Jon does vocals, Alex plays bass, Brody plays guitar and Nico plays drums. Nico and Alex originally started the band with original vocalist Jake (who can be heard on our EP "Enemy"). Brody joined soon after and Jake has recently been replaced by Jon.

Am I wrong or have there been any line-up changes in the band since the recording of the demo?
You are right, We now have a new vocalist, Jon.

Let's discuss your recent ep called Enemy, how would you describe it, music wise?
What we love most about the EP is the amount of energy it portrays. We also wanted to put something out that kids could relate to. We wrote songs that are easy to move to and get involved with.

If you had to pick one song that defines your band the most, which one would that be? 
Deadlines, definitely, it was the first song we wrote.

War Hound is pretty aggressive name but when we talked you guys stated that despite the band's name being War Hound, I want to stay away from war imagery’. So, how did the name come about and what is the message you would like to convey to the listeners? 
We honestly wanted a name to fit our sound, which to us, is unique. We try to blend multiple styles of the hardcore genre in to our music.

What are some other bands from Chicago you’re down with and would suggest everybody to listen? 
Any Given Second (indiana hardcore), Weekend FM (il pop punk), Momentary (il melodic metal), Burdened (il hardcore) and any bands that are on our top friends on myspace.

“In Chicago, things are done differently, hardcore being one of them. Maybe it's the "Midwest Attitude" that seeps into everything that we touch, “ is taken from the Organized Crime Records description of one of their bands. Would you agree with it and how would you describe Chicago scene compared to the rest of the country?
It seems that every show out here gets a pretty good draw which we're happy with.

Could you tell me about what or who got you interested in hardcore in first place?
Alex- I began listening to hardcore music a while ago when I was invited by a friend to a basement show, where I saw a band called Double Crossed (members currently playing in Convicted and Harm's Way). I showed up in my punk gear haha dressed differently then everyone else but I was still accepted and given high fives. This showed me a group of kids and a music scene that I wanted to be a part of. I then started going to more local hardcore shows, one of the best shows i can remember was comback kid, terror, and modern life is war at the clearwater theater. This is were i had my first stage dive during terror, the most aggressiveand uplifting set i've ever seen. I continued my love for these shows and this life style. I moved to Northern California in 2007, Out there i got into bands such as trash talk, sabertooth zombie, ceremony, and pulling teeth, i fell in love with this thrashy sounding hardcore. I moved back to Chicago early 2009 and was inspired to start a thrashy sounding hardcore band.

Nico-The whole idea of a community that is open to different types of people is what turned me on to hardcore music. Some bands that truly convey the message of hardcore to me are trash talk and have heart.

Jon- ive been around the music scene for a while almost 5 years and have discovered many types of music from death metal to punk but hardcore is one of the only types of music that actually stuck out to me the most. i remember watching videos on youtube of terror and that insatntly got me hooked. i think the best band i have ever seen live is terror noone can match there intensity on stage and the message behind them its truly amazing to see how much they live for hardcore its not just music for them its truly a lifestyle. ever since i have discovered the true meaning behind the music i have not given up on it every so often theres a record that will hit home for me and hardcore is the only genre of music that could do that for me.

Brody-Honestly, i am just starting to really get into hardcore. ive always been involved with music and the local scene though. In my junior year of highschool i was introduced to comeback kids wake the dead and further researched what hardcore was all about. i learned that hardcore was more than just music, it was a community. i love the idea of unity and openness of hardcore. it doesnt matter who you are or where you came from or what type of music you listen to. every one is there to support their scence and when your at a show eveyone is equal and no one is left out. thats what drew me into hardcore.

Thanks for taking your time to do this. Any last shout outs or death threats?
Check out our myspace and all the bands on our top!