Wolf City - Demo 2009

With grooves that go down easy, lyrics that hit hard and a lot of fresh ideas, this band should definitely leave an impression on xAFBx fans. Proving that they have several aces up their sleeves, these tracks showcase band’s talent to write songs that kick ass, simple as that.

Listening to all the demos that are coming out in the hardcore world can be painful sometimes but I still love rolling the dice on new bands in the scene and getting to know acts like Wolf City makes all this hard work pay off.

Most importantly, the band is as on-point as back in the xAFBx days. Wolf City starts off right away with a bang. Black Sheep is a track that has major moshpit potential. It’s heavy with tempos ranging from mid paced passages to some faster parts. Other notable tracks come if form of Pound For Pound, which is one of the more old school flavored songs, and The Crippler, where Wolf City displays its heavier side with mosh-filled riffs and plenty of rhythm blasts. As a whole, this demo is consistent, but they menage to keep things diversified enough so it doesn’t get boring after couple of listens.

Author: Dloogi
Year: 2009
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