Plakkaggio H.C. - Fronte Del Sacco

Plakkaggio HC play the style which can be probably best described as a mixture of hardcore, punk rock and a dose of metal. I know it sounds cliché so far, but believe me Рthese guys are pretty good at what they do.
All the good ingredients are here - angry vocals backed by a mixture of vicious riffing and aggressive grooves. The band is maintaining diversity from song to song with their style ranging from straight up punk rock to hardcore to metal. You definitely gotta give them props for making an effort at trying something new. At first it was kind of hard to get into this album, but more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it and found some of the songs particularly memorable. At moments they sound is typical punk rock, and then all suddenly throw in some heavier part and start sounding like a straight up hardcore band. And what I like about it is that they never lose focus and always sound straight to the point. The songs are fresh and original and well executed. Sure, the album loses a little slack now and then but luckily not enough to kill the good experience.

As for the lyrical content – well, they sing in Italian in most of the songs which is a big plus in my book but on the other hand I can’t understand a word they’re saying. They sound pretty pissed off though. The only songs that are sung in English are about rugby and worshipping satan while listening to Darkthrone. Judging just by these tracks, there’s a sense of humour throughout the album which is another thing to like here.

I’m really like the band’s approach to this album – its loose concept makes it a good listen and on the whole this is a solid release. And while this isn’t a musical evolution, it’s hard to not find yourself endeared to the album. This one is well recommended.

Author: Dloogi
Year: 2009

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