Cheech - People Against Goodness And Normalcy to be released by NGS

NGS will reissue P.A.G.A.N. from the Boston outlaws Cheech. Here's the official statement from the NGS:

Six new tracks plus 5 old hits from Boston's biggest headache. Fans of Blood For Blood and Wisdom in Chains should be all over this. Even has guest vocals by the Rev. Paul Bearer of Sheer Terror. Their best outing to date, but don't just take my word for it...

"CHEECH's vocals and tuff-but-catchy riffs reminded me of BLOOD FOR BLOOD... worth checking out if you're the type of person who goes to hardcore shows to let off some pent-up aggression in the pit. Looks like Boston is back on the map" -Maximum Rock N' Roll.

"Heavy hardcore sees the Boston dudes progressing even more so than on "Ante Up". An amazing blend of Hardcore, metal, punk and thrash. Straight gruff vocals are placed perfectly over pummeling drums, brilliant bass lines and heavy thrashy riffs." -EmptyhandsPVD

"CHEECH play metal-tinged NYHC reminiscent of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, MADBALL and with a touch of GANG GREEN – it’s heavy and forceful but melodic and catchy too. Paul Bearer from SHEER TERROR makes a guest appearance on their second track which is a seal of approval for sure" -No Front Teeth Zine

Unless you're new around here, you know that Maximum Rock n' Roll hates us, and we hate them. So that's a pretty good stamp of approval right there.

Pre-order package contains:
Cheech - People Against Goodness And Normalcy CD
Cheech/Milo's Syndicate split 7", with a special cover/plum vinyl just for this pre-order, ltd. to 20
(courtesy of our good friends at United Riot Records)
A ltd 7x7 mini-poster of the original Cheech/Milo's Syndicate 7" cover
and a few stickers, patches, and pins to round things out nicely.