Clenched Fist - Just Like Roaches

Trying to top your first album isn’t always an easy task, especially when the album was Welcome To Memphis. But somehow, I was sure that this band just cannot fail. There is no doubt they have a certain item in their music which they seem to have homed in on over the years and which makes their music more vibrant and moving than others in their league.

More than a couple times on this album, the arrangements and musicianship far outstrip the work they did on Welcome To Memphis. There might be not much deviation in their style, but my impression is that the songs are more complex and varied while still being focused on an aggressive side of hardcore. But the meat of the album is still old school grooves with metal touch. They just do what they’re best at and no doubt it works.

Clenched Fist can assault you with s straight up hardcore part, but also pull back the tempo into more of a metal influenced style. Not many bands can do it better. I’m not saying that the album is flawless, but hardcore music is not supposed to be perfect so I don’t care. The production is ok and there’s a nice balance with no instrument buried in the mix but I remember hearing demo version of Rat Race and I think I like that rawer recordings better.

More often than not it does, Just Like Roaches burst of pure energy that barely gives you a moment of rest. It’s the album that their fans have been waiting for since Clenched Fist first hit the scene.

Author: Dloogi
Label:Double Or Nothing Records
Year: 2010

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