First Blood posted new song from the upcoming album

First Blood posted new song from the upcoming album, Silence Is Betrayal. We've been hearing about this album since about 2008 and it's kinda surprising that it took them so long to release it. Check it out here. Official press release from Trustkill after the break

The Bay Area's heaviest band will hit the studio in January/February of 2008 to record their follow-up album with producer Zach Ohren (All Shall Perish). Expect the crushing hardcore/metal you have come to love from FIRST BLOOD with more lyrics that will question everything around you. GET STOKED!

Singer Carl Schwartz said "Thankfully there hasn't been a shortage of stuff in the world to be pissed-off about, so this upcoming album will be nothing short of brutal - and quite possibly the most critical, condemning, and controversial material we will ever release. For fans of FIRST BLOOD - Yes, this album will be every bit as heavy and crushing as the first, and then some. But the focus of this album resides in the message. There is simply too much going on in the world today to ignore, and if we are going to dedicate our time and lives to writing music and constantly touring the world while getting very little in return, then we might as well make it worth it and MAKE A F***ING STATEMENT. I find this world becoming increasingly hostile while the powers that be continue to undertake massive efforts to induce us all into passivity, conformity, and false sense of comfort. Well, life is not comfortable and it is our turn to stir the pot."