Drama from Barcelona (Spain) brings some good old hardcore/punk vibes with a nice metallic touch. They've been compared to classic acts like Cro-Mags and listening to some of the newer songs I could agree with that. The band has just released their new 7" called Sin Perdon. Give it a read!

Michelle: vocals
Elena: guitar
Pablo: bass
Sylv: drums

Location: Barcelona-Spain

Active since: 2005

How do you define your overall style?
Raw hardcore with a little of metallic riffs and punk as fuck.

What’s your goal with this band?
More shows, veggie food, beers, cherry juice, meeting cool people and have a lot of fun playing.
Now seriously, our goal as a band is to express our anger against patriarchy, the manipulation of ideas, the transformation of reality imposed by governments, conformist and consumerist society, we want to create awareness among people willing to change their environment and make their lives a lil’ more free. Raise our voices so this way people can think about it and make conscience.

What do you have recorded so far?
We have recorded until now: a demo CD (2005), a 7 inch titled CREACIÓN DESTRUCTIVA (2007), and recently a new 7" titled SIN PERDÓN (2010).

Can you give me a brief background on the band and what you guys are currently up to at this moment?
The first steps of DRAMA were exactly in 2003 when the previous band where Elena and Sylvia played broke-up, so that year Michelle came to live to Barcelona and we met and talked about start a new band, and then we started the rehearsals playing some covers. After a long time looking for a vocalist, we decided that Michelle had to change the bass for the vocals, and now the quest was for a bass player and it wasn’t until 2005 that Pablo joint to the band. Throughout this time we have been playing loads of shows in the Barcelona hardcore punk scene, and we have always tried to make some short trips around the Spanish state (Basque Country, Castellón, Alicante, Murcia, Zaragoza, etc) and also abroad (Germany and Poland). There are many special moments and they can't be named all, but it’s worth mentioning some examples that describe the course of the band, like going on tour with a Twingo, Lady fest in Warsaw, Take Back The Night fest in Hamburg, the release show of our first 7” at “Ateneu de Vallcarca” and the shows with Yoli (from our sister band, Go! Popitas) helping us with the bass.
Recently we came from Germany due a short tour around there, thanks to Dominik-NATD PRODUCTIONS (our beloved German hommie!) who booked the tour and gave us the chance had a great experience. We enjoyed a lot play those shows and we hope be back soon, and of course have the chance to play in other European countries, JUST LET US KNOW IT! We would be pleasant to hit your town! Now we have to play more shows and work on write more songs because we want to record a LP, as soon as we can.

What are some other bands you are or have been involved in?
Michelle: Sylvia and Elena used to play in a band called ASPERSORES, now they play in bands like BORN TO HATE and GO! POPITAS.
Pablo: I’ve always played in hardcore and punk rock bands (and also other genres) but it's the style i found the best to get and give strength, to carry on with our way of thinking and feelings.

Where did the band's name come from? Has it anything to do with an economical turmoil which is happening right now? It seems like Spain has been hit hard by the crisis...
The name comes from a L7’s song titled DRAMA, which is a cool song, we were a long time looking for a name, and so one day it came suddenly and we liked and decided to have that name.
Obviously it has it anything to do with the current economical crisis. The crisis now is hitting hard the Spanish economy, and it reveals the weakness of the economic model that we've had for the last years. The important thing to notice is that the crisis is hitting the working class people. We've got an unemployment rate over 19%, and a lot of people have no income, or the income is too low. The real "Drama" of the crisis is that the recovery (if there will be any recovery) will impose a heavier weight for the working class, cutting our social and labour rights, and the conditions of living will be permanently lowering. There's not a wide and strong social response to that, so that is what we have to work in.

Lyrically what kind of themes you deal with? What is the message you’re trying to present to your listeners? Almost all the lyrics contain a social message, some kind of denounce to all the injustice and prejudice that this sick world has, all that deserve our contempt.
For example, from our previous record, CREACIÓN DESTRUCTIVA, there's a song tilted GOOD NIGHT, what it is about against all nazi scum and racial supremacy. From our new record, SIN PERDÓN, this song is about tyrants; about how wicked can be a "person" just for his megalomania.
Also some lyrics stand against sexism and patriarchy like IT’S NOW or LIBRES or deal about personal things like THE DEMON or ROMPIENDO EL SILENCIO.

Starting Drama what bands did you listen to? Who influenced you as an artist?
We have several influences because we like different kind of music styles from pop, rock & roll, punk-rock to death/black metal, but it’s clear that our backbone is HARDCORE, we like the style of 80’S NYHC like CRO-MAGS and 90’s hc bands like INTEGRITY, for example.

What’s your definition of a real hardcore show?
The show must be with a big flag, giving the reason for that special meeting, many bands playing and all the people singing, the bands' songs and popular songs, you know, some covers or so. We use to see the shows as a kind of demonstration, with an important social partner, the music. We could define a real hc show like the one we had in Erlangen (Germany) this last tour, with people dancing, singing-along, having a good time, respecting each other. That’s perfect environment of an hc show.

What's your pick for best hardcore release of 2009 and what albums do you anticipate in 2010?
This 2010 maybe will bring new good records like DOWN TO NOTHING new 7” and new Terror’s LP. There’s a new release of a hardcore band from Castellón-Spain called OPPUGNO, brutal hc in the vein of 100 DEMONS, check them out cause they rule!

Could you tell us about Clitocore zine one of you is involved in?
Michelle and Elena are involved in CLITOCORE ZINE. Until now it has been released 5 issues, and working on a new one although it’s taking a long time because our personal affairs don’t allow us to have the enough time to work on it. Anyone interested to know about the fanzine go to: WWW.MYSPACE.COM/CLITOCOREZINE

Thanx for taking your time. Any last shouts out before we end this ?
Thanks a lot for the support and give us the chance featuring on your webzine. Keep on the good work! HC STILL LIVES!

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