Face Your Enemy - Steal The Crown

The new album from Face Your Enemy basically picks up where By Force in Your Face left off. Their music is still somewhere between heavier NYHC bands like Madball and straight up beatdown sound. From breakdowns to gang vocals to faster parts, you get everything you would expect from this type of release.

The band is making a lot of effort to sound angry on these tracks with lyrics exploring the science of living in the city, getting by day by day and other real life issues. From time to time lyrics dive headfirst into tough guy territory, with a promise of a revenge to everybody who cross their path. Yeah, it may sound generic but I’d rather listen to this type of stuff than another song about how we all should get together and hug each other. Fuck that, this is South Italy and that positive shit don’t fly over there. You can take it as a warning for those who are not necessary down with this kind of stylistics – this is not album for you.

Musically, this is not a particularly unique or especially life-changing release. Most of all, Steal The Crown is limited by its combination of played out hooks and tired themes. It’s very predictable and the moments where the band displays a real nerve are few and far between, which unfortunately makes much of the album rather characterless. Moreover, the flat production is keeping these songs from sounding as heavy as they should. But it’s not that bad as you might be thinking right now. The bottom line is that it’s still a decent piece of hardcore, yet with couple of factors working against its strengths.

Author: Dloogi
Label:CBC Records
Year: 2009

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