Still Screaming - From The Ashes Of A Dead Time

Still Screaming owes a great debt to the classic NYHC sound. Actually, it sounds more like an European interpretation of this style, bringing to mind bands like Only Attitude Counts or Backfire. It’s nothing new, but I can’t help liking this album. The band doesn’t try any new tricks, but if it works, why mess with the formula?

The album is filled with gang vocals, circle pit parts and breakdowns and it’s enough to make every fan of the genre happy. My only problem with this album is that I find it very hard to pick out a song or two that stand out from the rest. Basically, all of the them are sounding pretty much equal. I don’t even know if I should consider it as a minus here cause overall, the album is a good listen on a whole. I also got to mention the superb artwork on this one. Not only cover, but the whole insert looks great with lots of pics and all the lyrics. You’re definitely getting some quality for your buck!

Still Screaming have been around for a while and had time to learn their craft so you can expect quality hardcore from them and there’s no disappointment here. Check it out if you dig this style of hardcore.

Author: Dloogi
Label:WTF Records
Year: 2010

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