Harm’s Way - No Gods, No Masters

Whoever said hardcore can’t be dangerous no more obviously hasn’t heard No Gods, No Masters by Harm’s Way. There are no cheap tricks here. The band gets down to the business straight from the start and does not let up right to the end. This EP is all about primitive, sinister, cold and raw hardcore spiced up with thrash influences done in the right way. Everything is presented with such force that your respect is taken for granted.
Some of the names that pop to my mind when listening to this are Integrity, Poison Idea, Discharge and Napalm Death, but it’s really hard to pin down what’s going on here. Musically, they can’t be touched. Their style is pretty much straight forward and they are taking no prisoners. Most of the guitar work is very catchy and the drumming is on point and marks up the music’s rhythm to perfection. The vocals are dark and vicious. This guy’s hateful and deep voice is capable of raising the hair on the back of your neck. I like the obscure sound of this and the dirty and cold production is fitting the music perfectly. Grim hardcore straight from the mouth of hell mingled with mid to fast passages and enough diversity to keep you interested all the way. I fail to find anything to dislike here. These dudes must rip on stage!

Author: Dloogi
Label:Closed Casket Activities
Year: 2010
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