Integrity - The Blackest Curse

It's been ages since 'To Die For' was released (2003) and Integrity are back with a bang. The band that defined, along with fellow scenesters Ringworm, the heavy metallic hardcore sound and created the unique Cleveland, Ohio style, delivers their 8th (or something) full length album.
There's also a shitload of compilations and tons of split 7"s (i.e. w/ Mayday, Psywarfare, Kids of Widney High, Hatebreed, Lockweld and AVM just to name a few...) in their discography that starts back in 1989, that's why I cannot count exactly their full length albums! So, after the release of the 7" Walpurgisnacht, 2 years ago, Integrity, suffering a lot of line-up changes during the years, decided to finish 'The blackest curse'. It took them almost 5 years to unleash it to the world. Don't forget that Integrity fell in hibernation, after the release of To Die For, and only woke up for the 2008 European tour with Converge and Coliseum...
Back in 2010... Deathwish released 'The blackest curse' a couple of days ago ...and holy fuck!
This is a masterpiece and one of the best Integrity releases ever! The band returns to that awesome mid 90s sound they built with 'Those Who Fear Tomorrow', 'Systems Overload', 'Seasons in the size of days' and other classics. The music is so intense that nails you down, while Dwid's vocals are sick as hell once more, singing about his favorite and personal apocalyptic issues, including thoughts, religion, mental illness and the likes.
It'll be a sacrilege to mention any influences etc. when speaking about Integrity. Because Integrity is the influence. All this metal / hardcore scene that exists nowadays, with all those overhyped bands, wouldn't exist if Integrity hadn't paved the path. Integrity created a whole scene and the irony in this story is that bands that have been influenced by Integrity (let's say Hatebreed, Converge, Rise & Fall) get way more attention than Integrity themselves ...
Nevertheless, 'The blackest curse' is a cornerstone in the dark & twisted metallic hardcore scene.
Watch out for their upcoming split 7"s with Rot In Hell, Gehenna and Vegas.
And if you ever find a copy of Jagged Visions fanzine no.2, grab it immediately; it includes one of the best personal interviews with Integrity's Dwid ever.

Review by Apostolisxxxfrom World's Appreciated Kitsch blog
Label: Deathwish Records
Year: 2010
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