The last issue of Will To Speak is out

Will To Speak Issue #3 has been available since May. Here's the official release info:
Guess what, Will To Speak Issue #3 is finally out, should be finished at the printer as I am typing this. Long announced, we did not find the time and motivation to finish the zine for a long time, but it's done now. Get in contact with us personally or through[at] if you want copies.

In other news, this will probably the last issue of Will To Speak. Thanks for your support. Please start your own zine and go read some books too. Team To Speak.

Interviews with:
- Debaser
- Lewd Acts
- Seed Of Pain
- Ian Wiles of Dead & Gone Records fame
- Ghetto Josh / Hexed Clothing

- Photo Exhibition (
- Columns
- Book Club
- Austrian Band News