Thin Ice - Revelation Through Tribulation

Back to the Blood & Ink stuff... Here we have the brand new debut EP of Texas' Thin Ice. It was released a couple of days ago and it's available as a digital release, if I'm right... You can get it from iTunes etc. and you know that I think that digital releases are so lame but, hey, we are living in the internet era, get used to it (even though I'll never get used to it...).
So, if you like bands like Buried Alive (ex-Terror, you remember them eh?!) , Shai Hulud and Figure Four, then this is your shit! Go and load your iPod now!
Brutal moshy hardcore that kicks ass from 5 guys that still attend school, holy shit! Oops, I guess this is a blasphemy, as Thin Ice is a Christian band!
To be honest, I'm just kidding, even God would forgive my bad sense of humor. I've no problem with Christian hardcore at all. On the contrary, I really appreciate Jesus Christ's words...
Back to the music, Thin Ice rule, whether you like Christian hardcore or not.
The EP includes 6 songs of intense brutal, metallic, hardcore; one song is a huge 5 minute lasting instrumental one, that I really dig!
The artwork is fine, too.
All in all, a nice release.

Review by Apostolisxxxfrom World's Appreciated Kitsch blog
Label: Blood & Ink Records
Year: 2010
Band's website