Cheech - People Against Goodness And Normalcy

Unleashing their tested formula of confident, ąnti-social and whisky obsessed hardcore, Cheech finally puts forth PAGAN Ep and prove they are still knuckled up and ready to brawl!
The fact that Paul Bearer is doing guest appearance here is enough recommendation in itself to buy this EP, but good news is that rather than capitalizing on big names, the band definitely holds their own and once again pump out some vicious shit. The meat of the album is raw hardcore with lots of harsh vocals and thrash riffing, emulating that 90’ sound mixed with the occasionally crushing slow parts. While PAGAN is positive proof of ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentality, it’s good to hear that they’re getting better and better in their craft getting the job done in an impressively direct and brutally honest style. No technical wankery, instead they stick to the basics and fill each of the song with the same high energy groove you loved Blood For Blood, Sheer Terror or Agnostic Front albums for. There aren’t many stand out tracks in here, instead the album works well as a whole. The recording quality is rough, yet this only enhances the vibe of the music. Perhaps the most endearing aspect of this EP is that whatever they sing about, they still maintain that laid back and fun attitude people either love them or hate them for. Overall, if you are fan of their previous albums, make sure you check it out cause once again the band managed to shelf out a bunch of powerful and antisocial hardcore tunes all you lowlifes and outcasts should appreciate.

Review by Dloogi
Label: NGS Records
Year: 2010
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