Feet First - Heaven Home Hell

To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to their previous album but I remember it being heavy and harsh with pretty much straightforward approach. Now, three years later, we get ‘Heaven Home Hell’ and while it obviously follows the same script, you gotta give them a credit for working hard to make their music more dope and vibrant.
The tone of the album is intense and heavy hardcore, always from an attack position. Dual vocals work pretty well for them and backed by skilled musicianship, it makes this CD pretty enjoyable. Musically, it is well sequenced and while the music doesn’t necessarily switch too much, the emotions and dedication they put into these songs make it a good ride throughout. Feet First has managed to stay relevant by not chasing trends. Compared to their previous album, they didn't change the recipe that much: you can still expect tons of hardass beats good for kick-boxing. This is a type of band that can incorporate metal into their music and still manage to maintain a hardcore attitude. With songs like Your Churches Still Burning or Widerstand Feet First comes out swinging with powerful hooks and neck breaking mosh parts, but they also got a knack for more old school flavored songs like Beast From The East. Is Heaven Home Hell by any means a classic album? No, but it is dope and heavy and is going to be a good piece for your collection if you like when hardcore makes you wanna break your bench press record or just punch some Nazi in the eye. Approved!

Review by Dloogi
Label: Demons Run Amok
Year: 2010
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