Hatred as a band is a relatively new name in the Quebec hardcore landscape, but the guys behind it have been active in the scene for years playing in various bands, promoting shows and doing other stuff to keep this shit alive. They've recently released a debut EP entitled 2010 filled with dope grooves and neck breaking breakdowns so it's good reason to find out what's their all about.
Name: Gates Pompizzi, Bass player of Hatred.

Location: We are from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Active since: 2009.

How do you define your overall style?
Heavy, Catchy, Hard.

What’s your goal with this band?
To tour, and see the corners of the world we haven't already seen in other bands.

What do you have recorded so far?
We have recorded a 4 songs EP entitled "2010" with works for a full length in early 2011.

For all the kids out there who may not have heard of you, could you give us a short introduction?
We are 'Hatred' from Canada, and if you haven't heard of us, just listen and you'll make your decision, We are 4 dudes out to have a good time and play some heavy, catchy shit. www.myspace.com/hatred514 or just download our EP for free online @ http://www.mediafire.com/?q2nmmfoz3jm

What are some of the moments that stand out to you when thinking back about the band’s history so far?
We joke and laugh about all the shows we've played together in other bands, cause this band is pretty new, but funny shit thats happened to us on tours, and people that just make us laugh by being alive.

You guys just dropped 4 track EP called "2010" recently. Could you tell us something about and what’s been the response so far?
The response has been awesome, kids love the songs, we are having a lot of fun stepping on stage for people that love our music and just sweatin it out. As long as kids are partying, hanging out and digging our stuff, we don't plan on stopping.

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?
Well the obvious would be First Blood, Reign Supreme, Hatebreed, Terror and there are a couple more that I've been told we sound like. But so far no bad ones, so I'm cool with that! hahaha

For anyone who has never been to your hometown, Montreal, can you describe it for us and how the hardcore scene is there?
It's not so bad, we like it, only I really live in Montreal, Justin is from right outside the city, Slim is from the native reserve, and Ben is from Granby, QC, but as per Montreal, the scene is really on and off, but most of it is bullshit politics for the most part.

Gigs are the essence of hardcore. What can people expect at your live show?
A lot of bouncing, mosh and sing alongs.

What would you consider the best album of all time?
Oh man, there are a lot, But I won't comment, cause I listen to more rap/hip hop then hardcore most times, but I have a lot of personal favorites.

Anything you would like to add? Future plans? If you wanna talk shit, here’s your chance!
Yeah just shout outs to everyone who listens to our band, supports us and downloaded our album and passed the link on, Shout outs to my brothers in Liferuiner, TooPureToDie (RIP), FTFD, Ghost Inside, WLFPK Crew, all the MTLxHC local bands we are down with, TNS, www.headrushbrand.com, and dont forget to add us on facebook, myspace or whatever and download our EP and pass it on. We want to be in your city ASAP!

Check out band's Myspace