Naysayer - No Remorse

My favorite hardcore city keeps delivering! RVA's Naysayer offers up this brutal slab of wax. Definitely before i investigated these dudes more - i lumped them in the CroMags/Metallica worship - cookie cutter stuff so prevalent these days. But this 7 inch helps elevate these dudes to a level of more than that.
I mean, those are ABSOLUTE influences, but these guys move beyond that. Lots of mosh parts and slow crawling breakdowns. This is insane hardcore that i think is exceptional.. They do it all right - they execute the cliche stuff very well and add enough of their own personality into it.

BOTTOM LINE: tough mosh-a-plenty hardcore - late 80s NYHC, not afraid to enjoy crossover, but mainly hardcore (not a MW follower)- not too thrashy. Stomp beats with fists flying in the windmill to sid-to-side parts too.

FFO - All That Shit - Forfeit, Trapped Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Mind Eraser, Alpha & Omega, Bitter Mind; but ALSO equal parts Iron Boots, Terror, Madball and Breakdown.

Review by Hutch from Empty Hands blog
Label: Reaper Records
Year: 2009
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